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Inheritance Tax Solutions

Unique and innovative inheritance tax trust solutions for you and your clients

Solutions not products

We launched our Award Winning WAY Flexible Inheritor Plan in 2003, the first time a company had launched a reversionary interest trust plan based on collective investments. The launch came about only after lengthy consultation with expert tax and legal advisers, and since then we have expanded our trust-based plans. Today we offer a range of innovative inheritance tax planning solutions alongside dedicated support services for you and your clients.

We understand that, in the complex world of inheritance tax planning, you need complete reassurance about the plans you recommend to your clients. These plans must be legally and fiscally robust as well as sufficiently flexible to cope with future changes in client or family circumstances. They must also be placed with a provider who is easy to do business with, operates in an efficient, professional manner and delivers excellent technical and administrative support.

Solutions with flexibility and control

Whilst reducing a future inheritance tax liability is the key objective, many people are also concerned about the loss of access and control that may arise from giving their money away. A suitable trust can address these concerns. Our suite of innovative solutions provides greater flexibility than is normally found in conventional inheritance tax mitigation arrangements, and thereby also offers clients more peace of mind.


Our solutions do not look at inheritance tax in isolation but take account of the impact of other UK taxes. For example, UK authorised unit trusts and OEICs are the underlying investments for our plans which are taxed under the Capital Gains Tax regime, often resulting in a more tax-efficient outcome for many people.