Plan investment options

The WAY-branded portfolio funds: specially designed for our trust-based inheritance tax solutions

The WAY-branded portfolio funds

Our Inheritor Plans offer access to a range of WAY-branded portfolio funds that are generally managed with the objective of capital growth, which is likely to result in no net investment income being generated. They are specially designed to work within our trust-based inheritance tax solutions. As an income is not likely to be normally generated, our solutions are highly tax efficient as well as being simple to administer. Distributed by us and managed by Brompton Asset Management LLP, the funds are all unit trusts/OEICS and are constructed as funds of funds. Click on the links below or above to read more about the funds.

The WAY-branded specialist funds

A further range of more specialist WAY-branded funds is also available for investment under our Inheritor Plans. These funds focus on specialist areas of investment or use specialist techniques to manage the fund. They are also distributed by us and are managed by Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers Limited and LGT Vestra LLP. Click on the links below or above to read more about the funds.

The Authorised Corporate Director for all the WAY-branded portfolio and specialist funds is WAY Fund Managers Ltd which has the regulatory responsibility for their compliant operation.

All the WAY-branded funds are classified as ‘collective investments’, so they attract capital gains tax (maximum marginal rate 20%) on disposal rather than income tax (maximum marginal rate 45%). Therefore annual capital gains tax exemptions of the trustees and beneficiaries can be used to increase tax-efficiency. Holdover relief will normally be available to defer capital gains when the trustees transfer trust assets to beneficiaries.

Other options

The WAY Inheritor Plans are also available on an open architecture basis on the Plato Nominees Investment Platform and increasingly with other investment platforms and discretionary fund managers. This allows advisers to create their own portfolios for clients where other tax considerations are not deemed detrimental to the overall objective.


Please Remember:
The price of shares and the income from them can go down as well as up as a result of changes in the value of the underlying investments and currency movements. An investor may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns.