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Viewpoint – 13/07/2021

The (Tax) Doctor Is In!

Head of Sales and IHT expert John Humphreys prescribes some sound advice about avoiding conflicts and tax perils when picking a trustee in the latest New Model Advisor.

Viewpoint – 12/03/2020

Covid-19 commentary

Gill Lakin provides a commentary on Covid - 19 and it's affects on the markets

Viewpoint – 04/03/2020

Get ready to register

Trust registration deadlines are changing and advisers need to know about them

Viewpoint – 15/07/2019

Placing trust in trustees

Ultimately, families need to be completely comfortable with the choices they make when appointing trustees.

Viewpoint – 10/04/2019

At times of uncertainty, go back to basics

In uncertain times, it can be easy to forget just how many certainties there are and yet, writes John Humphreys, those certainties are the foundations on which advisers can help clients and their families plan for their futures.

Viewpoint – 01/01/2016

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