The WAY Gifts from Income Sports Plan

For sports professional who are looking to protect their money today so it is available tomorrow.

The WAY Gifts from Income Sports Plan is a trust based solution, where surplus net income is invested into a trust managed by professional trustees, WAY Tax and Trustee Advisory Services.

Your surplus income that is put into The WAY Gifts from Income Sports Plan is invested on your behalf, and, subject to trustee approval, can be returned to you after a qualifying period.

In planning for your future now you can ensure that if everything doesn’t go to plan, you have a plan to fall back on.

Key Benefits of the WAY Gifts from Income Sports Plan

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, the Gifts from Income Plan makes sure that you always can fall back on today’s success.

Fully compliant with HMRC tax legislation

Ian Hobday, CEO of WAY Investments.

Nobody achieves a career in sport without an enormous amount of dedication and hard work, so it is such a shame when we see sports professionals who have achieved so much ending up in dire financial straits, with all the accompanying stress that brings.

These stories are all too frequent – from Boris Becker to Mike Tyson to Keith Gillespie, Lee Hughes, David James and so many more. Many of these are people who will have earnt more in a year or less, than many people will earn in an entire lifetime, so protecting that money so it’s available later in life is critical.

With good advice and planning it is possible to manage money prudently and with foresight, whilst at the same time allowing Sports professionals who have often achieved great wealth at an early age to be certain of enjoying what they have worked so hard for, later in life.

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