WAY Tax & Trustee Advisory Services

A professional trustee service for all trust arrangements

Trustee Services

In the past it was sufficient for a trustee simply to be a trustworthy individual. However, their role and responsibilities have become more complex and the advent of increased regulation and litigation means the duties of a trustee have taken on a whole new dimension.

By using a Professional Trustee you will be reassured that they will:

The exercise of these duties will require a trustee to use their judgement in the context of all the relevant circumstances before making a decision. To apply this judgement effectively requires experience and, in most cases, specialist training.

WAY Tax & Trustee Advisory Services (WTTAS) offers an expert and specialist corporate trustee service for not only the WAY Inheritor Plans, provided by WAY Investment Services Limited but for other types of Trusts.

The Trustee Act 2000 is the legislation that all trustees must adhere to. It does not pay to have an unskilled lay person dealing with the administration of your trust. WTTAS has the experience to administer your trust bearing in mind your wishes, treating your beneficiaries fairly and complying with the legislation within the Act

Don’t leave it to someone inexperienced in trust matters. Appoint a professional skilled in all aspects of trustee work.

Imagine telling a grieving family that the estate of their loved one will be taxed an unnecessary £40,000 due to mistakes made by the trustees of a plan designed to reduce inheritance tax